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Architectural Model and Plans

SP3 Design is our original software tool, first released in 2014 and with several rounds of subsequent refinement. This tool uses the same analysis engine as the SP3 RiskModel, but was created for in-depth engineering evaluations, so it requires much more engineering analysis and input. This tool is tailored for detailed design and retrofit studies, or for highly-detailed seismic risk analysis studies (such as Level 3 PML studies), where an in-depth engineering evaluation is completed.

SP3 Design in a Nutshell

SP3 Design enables engineers to quickly obtain a comprehensive prediction of building damage through our carefully designed and user-friendly application.

SP3 Design supports both new design and advanced building-specific risk assessments.

SP3 Design implements the FEMA P-58 damage and loss assessment method, using an analytical engine written from the ground up. These improved numerical methods enable quick and efficient analyses. Running in the cloud, SP3 Design produces hundreds of thousands of simulations in minutes, and aggregates the results to support efficient decision-making.

Analysis Process Overview

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Data Reporting

Use the many SP3 Design maps, charts, and graphics to communicate seismic performance to your clients. The availability of detailed seismic performance results through SP3 Design allows you to easily create professional quality full detailed reports of the models created in the software. The SP3 team is happy to assist you in creating an automated PDF report for your project.