SP3 for Resilient Design & Retrofit

Architectural Model and Plans

Current building codes focus only on safety, and produce disposable buildings, even for new buildings. Building damage, closure time, and repair costs are not considered in the design process.

This current design approach leaves us with a building infrastructure that is thought to generally be safe for earthquakes, but where we expect long repair times and possible building demolition after a large earthquake.

SP3 was created to facilitate design of more seismically-resilient buildings. SP3 enables a structural engineer to design a building to have minimal damage, low repair cost, and a short time to regain function after an earthquake (e.g. an Immediate Occupancy design). SP3 users have been finding that this improved performance can be achieved with a minimal increase in building cost, with Immediate Occupancy types of designs costing ~1-3% more than a code-compliant "safe but disposable" building.

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